Special Reports

In addition to our advisory service, report subscriptions, consulting services, and custom reports, we also offer several special reports.


  • Fake News, Real News...
  • Not-So-Sleeping Dragon
  • A Tale of Two Cities: Ordos and Zhengzhou

Fake News, Real News...
- Written by Jeffrey Landsberg. Published November 21, 2016. 3 pages.                                                                                                        

'Fake News, Real News...' examines flawed mainstream coverage of the US and Chinese economies.  In particular, syndicated coverage of China's consumer spending is discussed.  Also highlighted are examples of negative developments in the US economy continuing to be routinely omitted from coverage published by large banks and major media outlets.


Not-So-Sleeping Dragon
- Written by Jeffrey Landsberg. Published December 2, 2014. 6 pages.                                                                                                        

'Not-So-Sleeping Dragon' discusses how the Chinese government has navigated weakness in both the domestic economy and global economy.  The report also contrasts China's moderate growth with the weaker conditions seen in many developed nations.  Various other topics are discussed including the expanded use of the yuan globally, China benefiting from cheap commodity imports, and strength in the Chinese equity market.


A Tale of Two Cities: Ordos and Zhengzhou
- Written by Jeffrey Landsberg. Published January 2, 2012. 5 pages.                                                                                                     

'A Tale of Two Cities: Ordos and Zhengzhou' discusses the development of central China.  The report investigates whether Ordos (located in Inner Mongolia province) and Zhengzhou (located in Henan province) are actually uninhabited "ghost cities".  We visited these cities, and the report discusses our first-hand account.  The report also examines the use of China's high speed rail.


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