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Jeffrey Landsberg is Commodore Research & Consultancy's Managing Director.  Prior to Commodore, Mr. Landsberg was a senior exchange broker and researcher at the International Maritime Exchange (IMAREX - now known as MAREX).  Mr. Landsberg began his career focusing on economic growth and commodity analysis as an analyst for Hanjin Shipping.  Mr. Landsberg is often quoted in major media and speaks at industry events regularly.  Some of Mr. Landsberg's media contributions include:

1. Bloomberg - Chinese Thermal Coal Demand   4. Reuters - Capesize Market Support
2. New York Times - Global Supply Lines at Risk   5. The Street - Japan Earthquake & Tsunami
3. Bloomberg - Chinese Electricity Restrictions   6. Lloyds List - Chinese Weather Disruptions


Greg Harris is an expert on sustainable economic development and alternative energy; he also speaks fluent Portuguese.  Mr. Harris enjoyed a career at the United States Peace Corps and has worked in Mozambique and Brazil. 

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